Why Coworking?

When you think coworking, what pops in your mind? A bunch of millennials eating wheatgrass? That isn't what we are about, but if you are into that, more power to you. Coworking is growing across Pennsylvania, the United States, and beyond. The cost for a tradition office is way too much for many solopreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals.

Many try to work from home, but there is typically too many distractions at your home. Coffee shops and cafés are another option, but what happens when you're working on a proposal and the screaming kids come in? The solution to these problems are coworking. You get the value of a tradition office at a fraction of the price!

The best part is that there are other professionals all around you that work in a variety of industries! You can network, bounce ideas off eachother, and share a cup of Joe. We are almost like a coffee shop without the distractions!

Is Coworking for you?

Are you one of the following?

  • A small business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales Person
  • Freelancer
  • Student


Do you need one of the following?

  • A creative work environment
  • A place to bounce ideas off other people
  • A place to meet new people/network
  • A more professional setting than your home or local coffee shop

If so, coworking is definitely for you! If not, grab a day pass and give it a shot!